Murder In Successville

Murder In Successville

There’s been another Murder in Successville….

Successville is a fictional town populated by celebrities, but celebrities not quite like the ones you’re used to. Imagine Midsomer Murders meets Sin City, this is a world where Mary Berry runs the local strip club (‘Soggy Bottoms’) Gordon Ramsay is the Chief of Police, and Miley Cyrus runs the old people’s home. The town’s population is played by an exciting pool of established and fresh comedy talent, including Tom Stourton, Frances Barber, Cariad Lloyd, Tony Way, Gemma Whelan and Jenny Bede.

Attempting to keep a lid on the unfortunately high incidents of homicide in the town is Successville’s unique and loveable detective, D.I Sleet, played by Tom Davis. Each week he enlists the help of a genuine celebrity sidekick to solve the latest high profile murder. Dermot O’Leary, Deborah Meaden, Jamie Laing, Greg James, Kimberly Wyatt and Louis Smith each get the chance to star in their very own cop drama, as they take on the role of Sleet’s celebrity side kick. Together the cop duo travel around town, interrogating the celebrity suspects and looking for clues. It’s then up to our guest star to crack the case and catch the killer.

Murder in Successville is a genre-busting new format; part scripted comedy, part improvisation, each show is shot over just 24 hours, resulting in a totally immersive experience for our guest stars. Our celebrity cops have absolutely no idea who they are going to meet, what’s going to happen to them or who’s committed the crime. Will our celebrities be able to navigate this weird and wonderful world of improvised comedy and catch a killer? Will viewers be able to piece together the clues and solve the crime too?


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