Benidorm Series 8

Benidorm Series 8

The Solana opens its doors once again and the new series, playing host to some of its best-loved characters, also sees the arrival of some new staff, a new family and, of course, some fantastic special guests.
Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson) is still at the helm of the 3-star Benidorm hotel, ably assisted by Les/Lesley (Tim Healy), and Mateo (Jake Canuso), who, homesick for Benidorm, has recently arrived back from a stint working in Madrid.  Joyce is recruiting staff but will her heart rule her head when she has to decide between flirtatious Marcus (Robin Askwith) and Amber (Jessica Ellerby), who has the perfect CV?
Blow & Go’s Kenneth du Beke (Tony Maudsley) is doing as little work as ever.  When his uncle dies, and Kenneth finds out he hasn’t been left the salon in Herbert’s will, his old boss Troy (Paul Bazeley) steps in and makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
Eddie, Billy, Sheron, Rob and Jodie (Bobby Knutt, Steve Edge, Julie Graham, Josh Bolt and Honor Kneafsey), the Dawson family, arrive for their first all-inclusive holiday at The Solana.  Also checking back in is Tiger Dyke (Danny Walters) along with his, one coconut short of a palm tree, mate Joey (Nathan Bryon).
After a long, happy and swinging marriage which ended in her husband’s untimely death, Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski) is back in Spain to fulfil Donald’s final wish to have his ashes scattered over Benidorm.  However, it’s not too long before she’s back in the saddle when she strikes up a friendship with Eddie Dawson.
Series 8 also sees the return of Geoff, The Oracle (Johnny Vegas) and his mum Noreen (Elsie Kelly), with Geoff’s sister, reformed alcoholic Pauline (Selina Griffiths), in tow.  Will Geoff and Noreen be able to keep Pauline off the bottle long enough for them all to enjoy a well-earned holiday at their favourite resort?  Madge (Sheila Reid), has flown in from the States to see about buying some property with her new-found wealth, while Liam (Adam Gillen) drops in to see his Dad.  And no series would be quite the same without a visit from the CEO of the Solana Leisure Group, the estimable Crystal Hennessy-Vass (Joan Collins).
With storylines containing a mix of high comedy and pathos, and guest appearances from Frances Barber, Kevin Bishop, Milanka Brooks, John Challis, Paul Chan, Bobby Crush, Angus Deayton, Louis Emerick, Michael Fenton Stevens, Roy Hudd, Shane Richie and many other wonderful cast, Benidorm Series 8 has all the makings of a yet another memorable season.

  • programme details
    Executive Producers
    Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
    Simon Bird
    Robin Sheppard, David Sant
    Derren Litten, Gaby Hull
    Key Talent
    Sherrie Hewson, Tim Healy, Jake Canuso, Janine Duvitski, Tony Maudsley, Paul Bazley, Johnny Vegas, Elsie Kelly, Selina Griffiths, Julie Graham, Steve Edge, Josh Bolt, Honor Kneafsey, Bobby Knutt, Danny Walters, Nathan Bryon
    Transmission Date
    UK Transmission Channel
    Number Of Episodes
    Episode Duration
    60 minutes

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