20 Things To Do Before You’re 30

20 Things To Do Before You’re 30

Comedy drama following the lives of four friends, rapidly approaching 30 and realising they haven’t actually achieved any of the goals or ambitions they always meant to before reaching the big 3-0.

30 is one of life’s big watersheds – an age where you have to admit that you’re an adult; what once passed as bad behaviour suddenly looks like very sad behaviour; and the critical age by which to achieve all those lofty teen ambitions… a million in the bank, marriage, kids, mortgage, or just fewer spots.

Finding themselves coming up woefully short, Shona (Amanda Abbington), Conrad (Mathew Horne), Zoe (Georgia Mackenzie) and Dominic (Chris Polick), refuse to sink into what-have-I-done-with-my-life misery and instead decide to transform their neuroses about ageing (and under achieving) into action.

  • programme details
    Ed Roe, Charlie Martin, Stephen Leslie, Jack Lothian, Rachel Pole
    Sam McCurdy
    Sue Howells
    Executive Producer
    Jane Fallon
    Main Talent
    Amanda Abbington, Mathew Horne, Georgia Mackenzie, Chris Polick
    Transmission Date
    6th February 2003
    Transmission Channel
    Channel 4
    Number of Episodes
    Length of episode

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