Public Enemies

Public Enemies

28 year old Eddie is released from prison after serving ten years for murder. He attempts to settle back into his old community – a community that doesn’t want him. One of the few people he can talk to is his probation officer, Paula, a woman who’s only recently come back to work after a suspension: one of her offenders murdered again while under her supervision. Paula has been scapegoated.
On her return to work, Paula feels she must prove herself worthy of trust and must protect the public at all costs. So when an increasingly pressurized and frustrated Eddie claims to have not committed the murder all those years ago, Paula is not prepared to listen. The last thing she needs is an offender who won’t take responsibility for his crimes. So she clamps down hard on Eddie.
Paula may win congratulations from her colleagues for this, but she can see she’s making Eddie’s life worse. She finds herself questioning her career: the probation service has moved away from an ethos of rehabilitation and more towards public protection. Does Paula really want to be part of this? Both Paula and Eddie are victims of institutions that don’t seek the truth but seek answers. Paula is not responsible for the murder for which she was scapegoated; Eddie did not commit the crime for which he served ten years. But the overstretched system says they must take the blame. And there’s nothing they can do to change that. Maybe their only hope of redemption is with each other?


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