Ripper Street Series 4

Ripper Street Series 4

A crime drama which has explored the mean streets of London’s East End through the final years of the Victorian age, will now come to its logical conclusion – at the death knell of that era. Our new series will begin in the high summer of 1897, Queen Victoria celebrating her diamond jubilee. Edmund Reid has left the force which gave him his career; and left the neighbourhood which shaped his life. He will find himself drawn back to Whitechapel, however, when he discovers that his old friend Isaac Bloom is set to hang for a brutal murder, a murder of which Reid believes him incapable. It is not long before Reid is drawn back permanently into the heaving maelstrom of Whitechapel: his compulsion to police its streets too strong, his need to instil order where chaos reigns too acute. He collects his old warrant card, assumes his old D.I. role, but this time in the shiny new H Division premises – a place of polished Portland stone, reinforced steel cells, cutting-edge lab equipment and electronic telephone connections…
However, Reid’s continued commitment to unpick the Bloom case – a case made, of course, by Inspector Bennet Drake and his surgeon Captain Homer Jackson – will cause ructions within H Division. This is a series which will once more reunite our heroes, certainly, but the reunion is far from harmonious. This series, in fact, will take them to a place where the dark secrets they all share will emerge to destroy the lives they’ve built, and the lives they once hoped to have. It will end where the very first began – confronting the fallout of an all too human monstrosity crawling up from the physical, and historical, sump of the city.

  • programme details
    Richard Warlow, Rachel Bennette, Justin Young
    Kieron Hawkes, Luke Watson, Anthony Byrne
    Series Producer: John Rushton
    Episodes 3, 4 & 5 produced by Joe Donaldson
    Key Talent
    Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, Myanna Buring, Charlene McKenna
    Transmission Channel
    Amazon Instant Video
    Number of Episodes

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