Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

1981, Charles loves Di, Bucks Fizz is ‘Making Your Mind Up’, Toxteth is rioting and Margaret Thatcher is trying to reform the economy. In a small Welsh village beginning to feel the negative effects of Thatcher’s free market policies, the Royal Wedding gives the community and the Caddock family a chance to forget their problems and unite, but during the course of their celebrations, events will unfold which will change their lives forever.
Fifteen year-old Tammy Caddock has organised a Royal Wedding street party, but her romantic idealism will be crushed when she discovers her newly redundant mother, Linda, is having an affair with her factory boss, Alan. Her stoner dad, Johnny, is oblivious, too busy harbouring dreams of becoming a musician. Against the backdrop of Diana’s fairytale wedding, the family will fall apart, as Linda realises she wants more to life than Johnny, Alan or the village can offer her. While Tammy says goodbye to her innocence, Johnny will try to win back Linda’s heart, and Linda will find the courage to embark on a massive adventure in search of a new life.

  • programme details
    Abi Morgan
    Roanna Benn & Beccy de Souza
    James Griffiths
    Executive Producer
    Greg Brenman
    Jodie Whittaker
    Darren Boyd
    Kevin Bishop
    Transmission Date
    17th May 2010
    UK Transmission Channel
    Number of Episodes
    Length of Episodes
  • licensing & distribution
    International TV Distributor
    Endemol Worldwide

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