The Deep

The Deep

As the world’s energy supplies rapidly dwindle, the untapped resources at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean are becoming a source of bitter international conflict. The Orpheus is a state of the art research submarine sent to the sea bed to look for a natural solution to the crisis, but the crew soon discover that the fight for territory is more deadly than they could ever have expected.

The Orpheus is on a mission to isolate and exploit the genetic qualities of the extraordinary organisms found in the vent fields of the Lomonosov Ridge. They believe their findings could potentially lead to next generation of bio-fuels that could solve the energy crisis. A team of scientists, including Clem Donnelly, are following on from a previous trip – the Hermes expedition which ended in disaster. Clem’s wife lost her life on the Hermes, so Clem feels he must try and conclude what she set out to achieve – bringing this amazing bacteria to the surface.

But before the ecosystem can be fully explored, a series of catastrophic events strike the Orpheus. Hardly surprising given the environment – crushing pressure, boiling vent gases, freezing temperature gradients and total darkness. However, it soon becomes clear that there’s more than just Mother Nature attacking them. There is someone else out there…

  • programme details
    Simon Donald and Paul Rutman
    Will Gould
    Jim O'Hanlon and Colm McCarthy
    Executive Producer
    Greg Brenman
    James Nesbitt
    Minnie Driver
    Goran Visnjic
    Transmission Date
    3rd August 2010
    UK Transmission Channel
    BBC One
    Number of Episodes
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    DVD Distributor
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