CV Tips

CV Tips

We receive a lot of CVs, so it’s important you make yours stand out (for the right reason). To help you, we’ve put together some helpful do’s and don’ts.


• Keep it simple and clear
• Be concise – if you can keep to two pages long
• Summarise your key achievements at the top of your CV and follow this with your most recent work. You don’t have to include everything, only work or experience which is relevant to us.
• If you are applying for one of our Runner vacancies read the job description carefully and identify what relevant skills and experience you have. Think carefully about what you have done in the past and how you can apply this to the role – it may not be experience gained in the television industry but could be a part time shop assistant role which will demonstrate good customer service skills. Essential for a Runner role!
• Academic and professional qualifications should flow in a logical order
• Check your application before submitting. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and don’t rely on spell check for this!
• Think about the overall appearance – good use of space and formatting will make it look more professional.
• Use one font that is easy to read
• Let us know if you have a driving licence
• Include a cover letter and tell us why you want to work for us


• Try and be clever and stand out for the wrong reasons
• Use more than one font – your CV ends up looking fussy
• Avoid long sentences and paragraphs
• Include photos – we focus on your skills for the role not your appearance!
• Have unexplained gaps on your application. If you have had a career break or have been travelling, let us know
• Exaggerate or tell lies – you will be found out!
• Forget to attach your critique if you are applying for our Runner scheme – we will not consider your CV without this
• Have a silly or embarrassing email address
• Get our name wrong if you are sending a speculative CV
For more useful information please see the Skillset website