Catherine Tate’s Nan

Catherine Tate’s Nan

CATHERINE TATE returns with her well loved character NAN in her own sitcom for the BBC.

Whilst Jamie, Nan’s grandson (MATHEW HORNE) is away in Africa doing voluntary work, a young girl, Alice (AMI METCALF) has been allocated to Nan by the “Young and Old Buddy-Up Foundation” to keep her company and cheer her up.

Alice soon discovers that Nan’s kitchen tap is broken and so accompanies Nan to the council office to arrange to get the tap fixed.   Unfortunately Nan in her usual style causes mayhem and upset at the offices ending up with her being given a community service order in the local hospital.

Jamie, meanwhile, who is skyping regularly from Africa, is concerned when he sees Nan in hospital, thinking she’s seriously ill.

At the same time, new neighbours have moved in across the corridor and Nan gets involved in preparations for their family wedding party.

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