When Wimbeldon-born Barnaby (Jack Whitehall) discovers his father (Robert Lindsay) is hospitalised following a mysterious accident, he decides he is the man to solve the family’s cash-strapped antiques business. However, when he unwittingly buys a blood antiquity, looted from the war-torn Middle East, he sets off a chain of events which sees his hitherto calm and peaceful life plunged into chaos. 

But help comes in the shape of fiery Bounty Hunter, Nina Morales (Rosie Perez), who is on the run after accidentally killing a member of a cartel. 

Barnaby and Nina make for a very unlikely and funny partnership; a smart car driving, middle-class Londoner who’s been studying at Cambridge University and a passionate Puerto Rican who has been working as a tough and straight talking Bounty Hunter in New York. They must overcome their differences as they navigate the dangers of the criminal world in order to avoid the police and survive the flailing bullets of a drug cartel and middle-eastern terror group.

From brokering dangerous deals with a drug cartel in a pod on the London Eye to out-witting middle-eastern terrorists in a sweaty 80’s themed night club we follow Barnaby and Nina on a thrilling chase stretching from New York to London to Mexico. 


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