Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Taken from the best-selling, real life diaries of an upmarket escort, this is an eye opening insight into the life of a call girl.

Belle is an educated, witty young woman who loves her job. She has to keep it a secret from her friends and family, but she’s prepared to let you in. If you’ve always wondered what goes on behind a call girl’s closed doors, here’s your chance… because Belle is more than happy to let you watch.

Each week, Belle guides us through a different aspect of her industry. How she got into it, why she loves it and exactly what it involves. And she lets us into her personal life too. Where we learn her real name is Hannah; she has an adored best mate, Ben; a conventional, married sister; and a mum and dad. None of whom have any idea that she is leading a double life.

Will she be able to keep it a secret forever?

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