Deep Fake Neighbour Wars is a brand new impressions show and the WORLD’S FIRST long form narrative show that uses Deep Fake technology. It uses the very latest in AI technology to turn the UK’s best new impressionists into the world’s most famous celebrities – only here they are ordinary people who happen to be embroiled in petty neighbour disputes.

We meet loved up Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland who are not happy with Mark Zuckerberg next door, Idris Elba gets a shock when new neighbour Kim Kardashian starts making her presence known in their communal garden, Harry Kane’s perfect patio is damaged by upstairs neighbour Stormzy and Dental Hygienist Billie Eilish clashes with neighbour Beyonce when she starts working from home.


Written by

Spencer Jones

Erika Ehler

Travis Jay

Jordan Gray

Laura Smyth

Lucy Pearman

Nico Tatarowicz

Jason Lewis

Josh Pugh

Leila Navabi

Directed by

Tom Vinnicombe

Spencer Jones

Tenisha White

Series Created by

Spencer Jones


Katia Kvinge

Yiannis Vassilakis

Al Foran

Luke Kemper

Carmen C. Green

Jason Forbes

Tony Lapidus

Travis Jay

Siobhan Webley

Sean Adesina

Aurie Styla

Sasha Ghodstinat

Fracine Lewis

Darrel Amory

Nimisha Odedra

Kane Brown

Scheiffer Bates

Produced by

Alison Macphail


Isabella Inchbald