Me & My Monsters

Me & My Monsters

"No need to be scared, these are the cuddliest monsters we've ever seen!" TV Times

The Carlson Family have recently moved from Australia to their dream home in the UK. It has everything you could wish for in a new house – even more incredibly it was on the market at a knock-down price. Some might say it was a giveaway. So what’s the catch?


…but they’re not the kind of monsters you should be afraid of; Fiend, Haggis and Norman might look loopy, they might cause mess and mayhem, they might have questionable personal hygiene issues, but the reality is they just want to be loved and become part of the family.

Mum, Dad and sister Angela aren’t too keen on that idea…but for Eddie, they’re the best friends a 10 year-old boy could have!

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