Bradley Fisher is a teenage movie star.  His mum wants him to lead a normal life, so he goes to the local school.  But hey, it’s not all bad. He is worth twenty million.  He may be normal, but he is not dull!

Star follows the trials and tribulations of Bradley’s school days as a 12 year old movie star including: Bradley’s attempt to maintain good grades so his Mum agrees to let him have a generous allowance from the money he makes as a mega-famous Hollywood film star, being coerced by the evil Mr. Dorking into staring in the school play or being too shy to ask the prettiest girl in school to the school dance.

But, what would you do if you were a huge movie star with £20 million in the bank?

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  • programme details
    Executive Producers
    Christopher Skala and Claudia Lloyd
    Series Producer
    Philippa Catt
    Series Directors
    Angelo Abela, Barnaby Southcombe and Dominic Macdonald
    Mark Grant
    Willie Dowling and Greg Hatwell
    Key Talent
    Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Tointon, Gregg Chillin, Mark Williams and Julia Hills
    Transmission Date
    18th September 2003
    Transmission Channel
    Number of Episodes
    Length of Episodes