Mount Pleasant Series 5

Mount Pleasant Series 5

Cameron’s (Patrick Robinson) marriage – they still want each other.  This serves as a stark realisation to Lisa and Dan as they reach a crisis point in their own relationship…

With Charlie and Robbie off gigging at sea Pauline (Paula Wilcox) finds herself at a loss.  This however doesn’t last long thanks to the arrival of the ultra suave Trevor (Clive Mantle), the new owner of the pub, who promptly moves Pauline in and puts her in charge.  She is a natural landlady and Trevor knows it.  However, as we begin to discover, beneath the silver fox exterior lurks something more sinister – could Pauline be heading for danger?

Meanwhile, when Tanya( Samantha Womack)  departs to visit her dying father abroad, new partner Greg (Adrian Bower) , is left playing house with her ex Bradley (Nigel Harman), who has unexpectedly landed back on the close intent on healing wounds with his daughter Ella (Nicola Millbank). The three of them living together doesn’t exactly make for happy families and pretty soon the tension is causing Ella run into the arms of our new neighbours wayward, but charismatic son, Finn… (Asan N’Jie) Little knowing their star-crossed relationship is about to put themselves and everyone around them into real jeopardy.

Denise (Ainsley Howard) discovers the ugly side of the modelling business when she meets new recruit Cazzy (Katie Redford) who, she soon realises, is being groomed as she herself was.  Denise is compelled to protect her and take a stand against agency boss Deborah (Esther Hall), at the cost of both of their careers.

Roger (James Dreyfus) and Fergus (Neil Fitzmaurice) become unlikely gym buddies as Roger is enamoured by personal trainer Amita (Zita Sattar). The trio begin to train for a fun run.  However the green-eyed monster soon rears its ugly head when it becomes evident that Amita is smitten by (completely oblivious) Fergus.  Roger is heart broken.  What with this and all the training is it all a bit too much for poor Roger’s heart…literally…?

  • programme details
    Dermot Moyd, Ian Barnes
    Executive Producer
    Sophie Clarke-Jervoise, Pete Thornton, Jon Mountague
    Serena Cullen
    Mark Brotherhood
    Key Talent
    Sally Lindsay, Daniel Ryan, Bobby Ball, Adrian Bower, Ainsley Howard, Neil Fitzmaurice, Paula Wilcox, James Dreyfus, Nigel Harman, Nicola Millbank, Samantha Womack, Nicola Huges, Patrick Robinson, Ellen Thomas, Asan N'jie
    Transmission Date
    UK Transmission Channel
    Sky Living
    Number of Episodes
    Length of Episodes
    60 minutes