Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Series 4

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Series 4

In Season 4, Belle takes on a new relationship with best friend Ben and the new role of managing Stephanie’s escort business. The stakes have never been higher for Belle – accepting Ben’s offer of a lasting relationship means that Belle has a real chance of happiness; but Ben is her one true friend and if she messes up, she’ll lose him forever. And with Stephanie – her ex-agent – in prison for tax irregularities (!), Belle finds herself with the hectic task of keeping her business afloat whilst also becoming the unlikely guardian of Stephanie’s 19 year old daughter, Poppy.

Belle struggles to cope with the new level of responsibility – growing up is never easy! And after a series of misunderstandings with Ben, Belle faces the prospect of a future without him. Belle starts to unravel; and the ease with which she could once separate ‘Belle-the-escort’ and ‘Hannah-the-girlfriend/daughter/sister’ has long gone.

So Belle has to make the ultimate choice; The Job vs. Love, The High Life vs. Starting Over, Hannah vs. Belle?

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    Julie Gearey, Richard Hurst, Laura Neal, Simeon Goulden, James Graham, Dan Sefton and Nancy Harris
    Jacquie Glanville
    Alex Garcia, Wayne Yip and Sam Donovan
    Series Producer
    Elinor Day
    Executive Producers
    Greg Brenman, Roanna Benn, Billie Piper, Avril Macrory and Michael Foster
    Billie Piper
    Transmission Date
    1st February 2011
    UK Transmission Channel
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    International TV Distributor
    Endemol Worldwide
    DVD Distributor
    Warner Bros.
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