An Island Parish: Series 2

An Island Parish: Series 2

The new Chaplain to the Isles of Scilly arrives to take charge of England’s remotest parish…but how will Father Guy Scott go down with the islanders, who are used to looking after themselves and are wary of newcomers?

In this new twelve-part series, we follow the first year of Father Guy’s work on the isolated little group of islands thirty miles off the western tip of Cornwall, along with many other local characters; Toby the baker, who wants to take over the only pub on St Martin’s; Heike, the new German vet, struggling to make ends meet; trawler man Martin Bond, trying to revive the local fishing industry; island boatman Fraser Hicks, whose daughter Rebecca, like so many young people on Scilly, can’t afford to live on the island of her birth; and Keri Jones, who is launching Radio Scilly, the world’s smallest radio station.

It’s a little world of its own, aspirational, beautiful, utterly dependent on the weather and the tides, and probably as full of day-to-day dramas, joys and tragedies as anywhere else on the planet.

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    Nigel Farrell
    Executive Producer
    Paul Sommers
    Transmission Date
    8th January 2008
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