An Island Parish: Series 8

An Island Parish: Series 8

A new series of Island Parish set on the tiny crown dependency of Sark in the Channel Islands.

The busy summer months have come to an end and Anglican vicar Gill Nicholls has left Sark to return to her home on the mainland. How will the island cope without a full time Anglican minister?

Change is afoot for Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton as she receives exciting news about her future in the Methodist Church.
This series follows the lives of the community through the harder winter months from Christmas through to Spring. Many locals struggle to make a living with the absence of tourists, but the community is resourceful and keeps busy with talent shows, jumble sales and even an unexpected nude calendar shoot!

This series presents a heart-warming glimpse into the lives of the unique and tenacious people of Sark.

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    Will Yapp
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    Lionel Mill
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    Charlotte Bennett
    Will Yapp
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