Paul Merton’s Adventures

Paul Merton’s Adventures

After earning his travel presenter spurs in India and China, and even managing to unlock the surprising secrets of Europe, Paul Merton has decided to move it up a gear. Not content with just one nation or one continent, every episode will take him on a unique adventure where he’ll be guaranteed to encounter a wonderful and varied cast of characters.

This 6 part series will see Paul embarking on journeys that the viewer can only dream about – from jumping aboard the largest cruise ship in the world touring the Caribbean, to the ultimate fly drive holiday in Florida; visiting the body and mind improving retreats in the Alps, to losing his inhibitions on the island that is the capital of hedonism – Ibiza. And then back at home he will be driving across England with a caravan discovering what a British summer really offers the holidaymaker apart from wind and rain. And finally Paul is outward bound attempting to “man up” in the wilds of Scotland as he learns how to fight and shoot and hunt.

Through all this Paul engages with the odd and the eccentric providing an entertaining albeit surreal take on global travel. Never has Paul travelled so widely and never has there been such fertile territory for Paul’s own ‘unique’ brand of subversive curiosity.

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  • programme details
    Series Producer
    Marcus Mortimer
    John Hodgson and Rob Rawlings
    Executive Producer
    Paul Sommers
    Key Talent
    Paul Merton
    Transmission Date
    19th October 2011
    UK Transmission Channel
    Channel Five
    Number of Episodes
    Length of Episodes
  • licensing & distribution
    International TV Distributor
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