Surgery School

Surgery School

Every year two thousand young doctors apply to the London School of Surgery for training to become consultants.  Just over a hundred are chosen.  They have barely been in an operating theatre let alone in charge of an operation, but now they are expected to operate on real patients from day one.

Surgery School sees ten of these high fliers as they begin one of the most prestigious and demanding surgical training courses in the world.

The series covers their first twelve months of training, a crucial period where they have to prove they have got what it takes to be a surgeon.  The pressure is always on; those who do not make the grade are asked to leave the course.  This is a feel good series, telling the personal stories of ten young, enthusiastic and committed people at the very start of their careers.

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    Series Producer
    Francis Baker
    Sam Grace and Trevor Docksey
    Executive Producer
    Belinda Cherrington
    Transmission Date
    6th September 2009
    UK Transmission Channel
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    International TV Distributor