The Great British Property Scandal: Series 1

The Great British Property Scandal: Series 1

George is on a crusade to tackle Britain’s housing crisis for a brand new Channel 4 series.

Nearly two million British families don’t have adequate housing, and yet one million homes lie empty across the country. Fired up by this senseless waste, architect and Ambassador for Shelter, George Clarke, sets out to raise awareness of the issue and calls on the British public to support his campaign to fill up Britain’s empty homes.

The UK’s housing crisis has had a devastating impact on thousands of people from a wide range of backgrounds and the problems are only set to get worse. Increasing economic strain, new house-building at alarmingly low levels and a lack of affordable housing mean there is increasing strain in the system. George will be examining the problems associated with the 350,000 long-term empty homes and suggesting possible new solutions to bring these properties back into use. He’ll be lobbying central government and local councils urging them to up their efforts and join him in his campaign to make a real dent into the number of long term empty properties in the UK.

George is an Ambassador for Shelter and has been working with the charity for three years lobbying the government to provide better housing conditions for families in need.

He says, “The empty homes problem across Britain is something I’ve been passionate about for many years and I’m delighted that Channel 4 has decided to commission such a ground breaking programme. It is a privilege to be at the centre of something with such amazing power to really make a difference to the lives of many people, not to mention breathing new and much needed life back into some beautiful but neglected properties.”

1 Million Empty Homes in the UK
2 Million Families who need a home
350,000 long term empty properties
Many abandoned for years. That’s the equivalent of a city the size of Leeds.
How can we afford to waste an entire city of empty homes.
The Great British Property scandal.

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    Charlotte Wassermann
    Adam Boome
    Executive Producers
    Jo McGrath, Ruth Pitt and George Clarke
    Key Talent
    George Clarke
    Transmission Date
    5th December 2011
    UK Transmission Channel
    Channel 4
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