The Monastery

The Monastery

The Monastery charts five very different men’s retreat from modern society into the cloistered world of a working monastery.

Face to face with a community of committed Benedictine monks, will they find that monastic life has anything to offer them? Are the core values of humility, obedience and silence too hard a cross to bear? How will the monks handle them?

We follow the five men’s journey as they leave their PlayStations and remote controls behind in favour of the more serene pleasures of prayer and plainsong. How does their immersion in this spiritual community affect them? Does it test their character, their resolve? Rouse a voyage of self discovery? Do any of the men turn their lives around? Find God or decide to stay?

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    Gabe Solomon
    Dollan Cannell
    Executive Producers
    John Blake and Charles Brand
    Transmission Date
    15th May 2005
    UK Transmission Channel
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    International TV Distributor