Victoria’s Empire

Victoria’s Empire

Queen Victoria never visited her Empire. She was the very epicenter of it so why should she? So, over a century after her death, Victoria Wood is going to go and have a look for her.

It is, at times, an ignominious journey that begins in Assin Manso in Ghana, otherwise known as Slave River, a place where slaves were sorted, oiled and bartered for, before being transported to sugar plantations in Jamaica. Victoria continues at a pace through Newfoundland, India, Hong Kong, Borneo, New Zealand, Australia and Zambia, on the lookout for the residual evidence that we were there. She talks to people who have firsthand experience of the impact of the Brits or have anecdotal evidence of our activities abroad. We hear stories of remarkable deeds, listen to long held grievances and sometimes just experience the places for what they are. This remarkably illuminating journey of a lifetime is told in three one-hour films.

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    Series Producer/Director
    Ben Warwick
    Executive Producers
    Paul Sommers and Lisa Perrin
    Key Talent
    Victoria Wood
    Transmission Date
    29th April 2007
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