Season Two picks up in 19 BC, when Gaius and Livia return to Rome after three years away in the Eastern Provinces. After the killing of Marcellus in Season I, Livia has worked to repair the marriage on which all her power and ambition depends, but it will face threats both old and new.

Gaius and Livia are shocked to find their city in revolt, and Livia’s children in open rebellion. Over eleven turbulent years, sex, murder, betrayal and power struggles are on the menu as this season culminates in Drusus’ assassination and Livia’s discovery about the awful truth behind it.

Throughout the season, Livia is made to fight harder than ever to fulfil the sacred vow she swore to her father – to restore the Republic, and Democracy, to Rome.

Livia will need all of her intelligence, ambition and guile to navigate these increasingly rough political seas. She will have increasing blood on her hands, struggle with the corruption of her soul and face a terrible final choice between power and vengeance – will she be able to seize them both?




Written by

Simon Burke

Rachel Paterson


Directed by

David Evans

Sallie Aprahamian


Kasia Smutniak

Matthew Mcnulty

Ben Batt

Christine Bottomley

Claire Forlani

Darrell D’Silva

Alex Lanipekun

David Avery

Benjamin Isaac


Liah O’Prey


Produced by

Amy Rodriguez