We re-join the team at the Good Karma Hospital a year after Ruby Walker arrived in India.

The formidable Dr Lydia Fonseca is, as ever, a force to be reckoned with and she has big plans for Ruby. Lydia is determined to kick Ruby out of her comfort zone and develop her skills as a doctor.

Ruby’s confidence has grown but she’s about to face a huge test. Ruby handles a complex medical case, as a storm hits Barco and the hospital’s generator fails. Will Ruby decide to operate on her patient by candle light and with no monitors? It’s a test that would shake the most experienced of doctors. And it will leave Lydia wondering if she pushed Ruby too far too soon.

The Good Karma Hospital series two takes us deeper into our Keralan sub-tropical paradise. Lydia, Ruby and the rest of the Good Karma crew will forge deeper bonds and come to understand that, through good times and bad, they can always rely on each other.

Series two continues Ruby’s love affair with her new home. Ruby has moved in to her own flat in the hustle and bustle of Barco central and she feels more at home, the heat and the noise. But Ruby will also connect with her Indian heritage in a surprising way when a long-lost relative gets in touch. Ruby’s discovery will bring her closer to Dr Gabriel Varma as their sparky working relationship promises to develop into something deeper.


Written by

Dan Sefton

Ben Edwards

Nicola Wilson

Gabbie Asher

Directed by

Alex Winckler

Lisa Clarke

Created by

Dan Sefton


Amanda Redman

Amrita Acharia

James Krishna Floyd

Philip Jackson

Darshan Jarivalla

Nimmi Harasgama

Sagar Radia

Neil Morrissey

Produced by

John Chapman

Jeremy Gwilt