It’s 1924 and Thomas Shelby is caught in a dangerous web of international intrigue as he battles with forces that threaten to split the Shelby family apart. Approached by a secret organisation on his own wedding day, Tommy finds himself at the centre of an international arms deal that could change the course of history. In a sphere where no one reveals their true intentions until the game is up, Tommy has to contend with a White Russian exile whose brutality knows no bounds, a priest with a killer dog, a beautiful Duchess even more manipulative than him, and a powerful entity at the heart of the British establishment that will stop at nothing to accomplish its reactionary aims.

Meanwhile Tommy’s legal and illegal businesses have made him rich beyond his dreams. He now inhabits a Roaring Twenties world of beautiful people and sumptuous mansions, and he has found love at last. But Tommy’s relatives have become increasingly difficult to handle, and threaten to blow the Shelby family apart. As Tommy is coerced into the most audacious criminal act of his career, he realises that his response to overwhelming external and internal forces will define the kind of man he is.


Written by

Steven Knight

Directed by

Tim Mielants


Cillian Murphy

Helen McCrory

Tom Hardy

Annabelle Wallis

Paul Anderson

Sophie Rundle

Joe Cole

Finn Cole

Paddy Considine

Produced by

Simon Maloney


Best Leading Actor in a Drama Series

Cillian Murphy