BBC comedy in which a young working-class Muslim man is forced to leave his old gangster life behind to take care of his teenage sister. Surrounded by temptation in Small Health, (a community just outside Birmingham) the series follows him in his struggle to turn over a new leaf and become both a mother and father figure to his younger sister. Living under the constant shadow of his criminal past the series follows him and his childhood friends Eight and Nate, as he wrestles with the pressures of being a young Muslim in the UK.

Written by and starring comedian (and ex-school teacher) Guz Khan, series one of Man Like Mobeen was launched with much critical acclaim in the UK press.


Written by

Guz Khan

Andy Milligan

Directed by

Ollie Parsons


Guz Khan

Dúaa Karim

Tolu Ogunmefun

Tez Ilyas

Produced by

Gill Isles