Series 4 takes place in HMP Belmarsh, with our heroes Mobeen and Nate just weeks away from finishing their sentences. But with freedom so close, the return of a familiar face bring a new challenge for Mobeen, and he’s forced into a decision that could have major consequences for himself, his sister and his best mate. As well as a whole host of new characters, we’ll also re-acquaint ourselves with Aqsa, Uncle Shady and many more of the people we came across in the first three series. But no matter what happens, one big question remains: Can Mobeen do the right thing and resist being dragged back into the madness, or will he get deeper into a world he’s spent so long trying to leave behind? Whatever happens, it’s never easy being Man Like Mobeen.


Written by

Guz Khan

Andy Milligan

Directed by

Akaash Meeda



Guz Khan

Tolu Ogunmefun

Dúa Karim

Perry Fitzpatrick

Mark Silcox

Youssef Kerkour

Salman Akhtar

Hussina Raja

Art Malik

Produced by

Lynn Roberts