Catherine’s dad died and he was the best dad ever but he had a huge secret. He had a mistress … and another daughter, also called Catherine. Now these two sets of mothers and daughters are thrown together Cat wants to spend as much time with Cathy as possible to make up for the last 28 years, but Cathy has a wedding to plan. Tess is in complete denial about her husband’s death (she’s telling everyone she left him) and Marilyn can’t talk about him enough.

We follow our four women as they navigate life post Colin. Will Tess ever speak to Marilyn? Will Cathy learn that being a bit more like Cat is maybe what she needs in her life right now, and will Cat learn that being a bit more Cathy is what she needs? And, where is that missing will and what will it reveal?

The Other One is our love story to siblings, mothers and shit dads. You’ll fall in love with our four leading women as they try to make sense of their newly found sisters and sort-of-step-mums.


Written by

Holly Walsh

Pippa Brown

Directed by

Holly Walsh

Created by

Holly Walsh


Lauren Socha

Ellie White

Rebecca Front

Siobhan Finneran

Amit Shah

Produced by

Pippa Brown