Catherine “Cathy” Walcott and Catherine “Cat” Walcott only discovered one another existed when their Dad, Colin, dropped dead. Having finally come to terms with the fact they are siblings, we join series two with the sisters reeling from the news that they also have a brother, Callum. And that Cathy just snogged him.

Callum is equally shocked by this revelation, and his Mum (Colin’s other lover, Angela) finds herself thrown out of her house by a devastated husband. Cathy & Cat’s mums Tess and Marilyn somehow end up babysitting Angela as she vows to save her marriage and they seek the positives in the mess their lives have become.

Resolving to blow her late husband’s inheritance on really enjoying life, Tess discovers that Colin’s estate has no money left in it at all. Yet someone is receiving his pension, and Tess is determined to find out who. As the one-year anniversary of Colin’s untimely death looms, he is still constantly surprising them. But is there one more huge surprise Colin is about to throw their way?


Written by

Holly Walsh

Pippa Brown

Directed by

Holly Walsh

Created by

Holly Walsh


Lauren Socha

Ellie White

Rebecca Front

Siobhan Finneran

Amit Shah

Michelle Austin

Christopher Jeffers

Kaine Zajaz

Produced by

Caroline Norris

Deftly drawn with heart and tenderness that sings through the absurdity