Bad Education is back for a new term but it appears Alfie Wickers still hasn’t learnt a thing.

Alfie Wickers returns as the self-styled maverick of Abbey Grove, attempting to teach his class something – anything – that requires zero effort. Although Alfie’s heart is always in the right place, his judgment is often clouded by the fact he is, in reality, a bigger kid than any of the kids he teaches.

The staff room politics aren’t getting any easier either. The apple of Alfie’s eye, Miss Gulliver is now seeing one of their female ex-students, Miss Pickwell is giving President Putin a run for his money and Fraser is going to have to save the school after he makes the mistake of giving all of the school’s funds to ‘The Nigerian Minister of Finance’.

Added to all of this, series two features a furiously fought swimming gala, a drugs awareness day that ends in utter humiliation for Alfie, Fraser staging Abbey Grove’s own Take Me Out and Joe being shot in the bum.

With special guest appearances from Harry Enfield, Samantha Spiro, Jake Canuso, Frances Barber and Greg McHugh.


Written by

Jack Whitehall

Freddy Syborn

Directed by

Elliot Hegarty


Jack Whitehall

Sarah Solemani

Mathew Horne

Michelle Gomez

Harry Enfield

Samantha Spiro

Kae Alexander

Jack Bence

Jack Binstead

Ethan Lawrence

Nikki Runeckles

Charlie Wernham

Layton Williams

Produced by

Pippa Brown