Class K are back for a careers day and reunion party that descends into mayhem, while Alfie has a decision to make about whether he will finally leave the school forever to be with Gulliver.

It’s near the end of term at Abbey Grove, and Alfie is prepping for a career’s presentation – really just an excuse to reunite all the old Class K and have a big party. Meanwhile, Stephen has been teaching at Abbey Grove for six months, but none of his old school friends know this. He has been maintaining the fiction that he is now a musical theatre star on the rise and tells his pupils (the new class K) that they cannot blow his cover.

One by one, the old Class K start to appear; first Mitchell who is straight back to his old ways – mainly winding Alfie up. Chantelle is now a mum and is thrilled about Stephen’s supposed successes – she’s particularly looking forward to his speech at the career’s presentation, which Stephen is dreading. Grayson appears and seems completely transformed as a peace-loving spiritual new ager, and Rem Dogg is now a bitcon millionaire. Alfie’s girlfriend – and former Abbey Grove teacher – Rose Gulliver is in Lebanon teaching English to refugees and as Alfie prepares to ask new head teacher, Bernadette Hoburn, permission to take a sabbatical to join her, he unwittingly ends up agreeing to a job in the senior management team!

With special appearances from Sarah Solemani, Mathew Horne, Nikki Runeckles, Jack Bence, Ethan Lawrence and Jack Binstead.


Written by

Jack Whitehall

Freddy Syborn

Directed by

Freddy Syborn


Jack Whitehall

Layton Williams

Charlie Wenham

Vicki Pepperdine

Asha Hassan

Laura Marcus

Anthony J Abraham

Ali Hadji-Heshmati

Francesca Amewudah-Rivers

Bobby Johnson

Produced by

Arnold Widdowson