It’s summer term and Alfie Wickers is back as the self-styled maverick of Abbey Grove. With exams looming it’s time for Alfie to finally knuckle down and start teaching his class but the path to A*s never did run smooth. Alfie definitely has the best intentions for his class but the truth is he is a bigger kid than any of the kids he teaches so his good intentions always seem to end up out the window. He really does care though. Maybe this will be the term he finally grows up?

The staff room this term isn’t going to be any easier than the class room. Alfie’s dad Martin Wickers
has been appointed as the new deputy head and despite his protestations that their relationship won’t affect the work place, his stories of “Smoocher” wetting himself on his 18th birthday mean it is all beyond cringe for Alfie. His love life’s also a disaster. Despite starting the term living with his girlfriend, biology teacher Miss Gulliver things quickly go wrong. All too soon, Miss Gulliver is back in the arms of her ex. Fraser starts the summer term with a strike on his hands after badly investing the school’s money in his own clothing range, Dolce and GaBanter.


Written by

Jack Whitehall

Freddy Syborn

Directed by

Al Campbell


Jack Whitehall

Sarah Solemani

Mathew Horne

Harry Enfield

Kae Alexander

Jack Bence

Jack Binstead

Ethan Lawrence

Weruche Opia

Nikki Runeckles

Charlie Wernham

Layton Williams

Produced by

Pippa Brown